Quality at the highest level

Thanks to its decades of experience, LÜBERG has detailed knowledge of materials and processes. We can now offer our customers this knowledge for precision and innovative solutions for printed circuit boards that are made in China.

LÜBERG guarantees quality at the highest level. The products distributed by LÜBERG fulfil the high European quality standard. By the subsidiary company Shenzhen Lueberg Technology Co., Ltd. the same standards are offered as those at the Nuremberg, Weiden and Sonneberg locations.

Through its new location in China, LÜBERG is able to act locally and purchase printed circuit boards from selected contractual partners according to specified conditions. Shenzhen, which is one of the leading economic regions in China, was chosen as the location for the subsidiary, also due to its immediate proximity to Hong Kong. Shenzhen offers a unique, innovative environment, especially in the field of printed circuit board production, and is often referred to in the media as the “workbench of the world”.

In this way, LÜBERG is helping to advance the distribution of printed circuit boards with affordable, high-quality products. We offer a comprehensive range of products on the most direct basis: all the processing and technical clarifications are managed directly through the office in Shenzhen, and there is no need to worry about the language barrier, because your contact partners in China speak English.

We align ourselves to your requirements. Contact our team at Shenzhen Lueberg Technology Co., Ltd. We are able to assist you in English.


Shenzhen Lueberg Technology Co., Ltd.

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