News 2020 – Foundation of LÜBERG Technologie Holding GmbH

Founding of LÜBERG Technologie Holding GmbH in 2020. The owner-managed industrial holding forms the umbrella for a strong group of long-established companies in the technology sector.

LÜBERG Technologie Holding is an owner-managed industrial holding company headquartered in Nuremberg and invests in industrially shaped niche companies from the technology sector that have been established in their markets for many years in order to maintain and further develop them in the long term.

The companies of the LTH develop and act independently. Under the umbrella of LTH, they form a strong group of companies with know-how in a niche with technology affinity and robust value creation. The group, currently consisting of 3 companies: LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Müller + Ziegler GmbH – Electrical measuring instruments and precision tool manufacturer Zinner GmbH.

News – Start of construction Section 3 for new laboratory and administration building

Construction phase 3 for a new laboratory and administration building as well as a new production hall will begin on our premises in Weiden in summer 2016. Among other things, there will be a brushing machine, a fully automatic screen printing plant and a second etching line, all these plants with a working width of 130 cm, as well as a copper recovery plant using the electrolysis process. In this context, all processes are strictly aligned with the principles of lean production.

News – Successful start of SHENZHEN LUEBERG Technology Co. , Ltd. at electronicAsia 2010

The newly established subsidiary SHENZHEN LUEBERG Technology Co. , Ltd. was represented for the first time at electronicAsia 2010. The world’s leading trade fair took place from 13 to 16 October 2010 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

SHENZHEN LUEBERG Technology Co. , Ltd. Demonstrate many times. Important customer wishes as well as the mutual exchange on future cooperation determined the course of the trade fair. The customers were particularly interested in the technical requirements and high standards in printed circuit board manufacturing. Conclusion: A successful start for the SHENZHEN LUEBERG Technology Co. , Ltd.

News – Extension of the Sonneberg plant

Lüberg is not in recession! By acquiring the neighboring property, the production area in Sonneberg was enlarged to 1,200 square meters. In the new factory premises, the main work processes are carried out, which are purely manual, e. g. the assembly of the electroplating unit or the testing and packaging of the three-dimensional circuit carriers. From now on, the previous production hall will be used exclusively as an electroplating hall, where another electroplating machine will be installed. Three-dimensional circuit carriers are manufactured by Lüberg Elektronik at the Sonneberg plant. The work is unique in Europe. Due to the successful growth, the Sonneberg plant is constantly looking for new employees.