Printed circuit boards from MINI to GIGA

With more than 60 years of development experience, we are one of the leading specialists in printed circuit board production. With our comprehensive and field-tested knowledge, our product range and production technologies have also grown, whether it is printed circuit boards (PCB), also in special formats and over-sizes, printed circuit boards made from special substrates, or flexible printed circuit boards (Flex-PCB), you can benefit from our forward-looking developments.

Printed circuit boards (PCB) sizes / dimensions:

  • max. width approx. 1200 mm
  • max. length approx. 3000 mm

Printed-circuit boards in special sizes and special productions on request (example: Printed-circuit board strip, approx. 20 m in length), Printed circuit boards in special designs, also for small and medium series / batches.

- The items we manufacture are subject to confidentiality and cannot be shown.


Printed circuit boards (PCB) versions:

Standard printed circuit boards (PCB), single-sided and two-sided:
Etched, single-sided printed circuit boards, copper thickness on request up to 400µ
Two-sided printed circuit boards, plated


  • from "flexible" bis "rigid"/ "mechanically stable"
  • All requested solder surfaces, applied galvanically or chemically
  • In every material thickness, from 50µ to materials in thicknesses of several mm
  • Various covers, matched to requirements: Flexible, rigid, glass-hard or removable
  • Production of Flex circuits, such as Kapton or PEN
  • Manual fitting and installation of assemblies
  • OSP-Finish as an organic surface protection service
  • Foam encapsulation of printed circuit boards or assemblies

Printed circuit boards for HF applications:
Production of printed circuit boards for high-frequency applications.

Printed circuits boards (PCB) - substrates / base materials:

The wide-ranging requirements (mechanical, electrical or thermal) surrounding the printed circuit board require the use of differing printed circuit board substrates. Ever-increasing requirements are being attributed to the reliability of printed circuit boards in particular. Printed circuit boards with a width of up to 1,200 mm and a length of up to 3,000 mm long can be manufactured easily on the LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK manufacturing equipment. Almost all standard substrates can be processed, whether FR4, Rogers, Neltec, Tactonic or Flex materials based on Kapton, PEN or PET.

  • All standard substrates, from “Epoxy to Teflon”, polymers, thermosetting plastics, Rogers, from “PEN to PI (Capton)”
  • All available types of copper cladding from 50 µ up to 4mm, also thick-film technology
  • All techniques, additive, semi-additive or subtractive
  • Processing of HF substrates
  • Plating / laminating / coatings: all available Cu laminations

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