As a manufacturer of printed circuit boards since its origins, LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK is now an established, cutting-edge technology company. With machinery which is unique in Europe and its applied expertise from decades of experience, LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK has become a specialist in printed circuit board production, offering specialist solutions which surpass the usual standards:

LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK manufactures large-format printed circuit boards (PCBs), printed circuit boards in special formats and special substrates (such as Teflon printed circuit boards in a length of 3 metres), specialist designs such as 20-metre printed circuit board tape, all the way through to flexible PCB (Flex-PCB), complex circuit carriers – miniature printed circuit boards with the highest standards of precision and 3D-MID technology.

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Printed circuit boards from MINI to GIGA

In addition to conventional printed circuit boards (PCB), 1- and 2-sided printed circuit boards in all currently-available material strengths, in additive, semi-additive or subtractive technology, we also make printed circuit boards in special formats (large format printed circuit boards) with widths of 600 mm to 1,200 and lengths of up to 3,000 mm. We also manufacture special designs, such as printed circuit board tape with a length of up to 20 m and special substrates. Flexible printed circuit boards (Flex-PCB), assembled printed circuit boards, OSP-Finish and the foam encapsulation of printed circuit boards or assemblies.
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Forward-looking 3D-MID technology

3D-MID (3D Moulded Interconnect Devices) technology integrates a circuit structure into injection-moulded parts. Through the use of thermoplastic material and its metallisation, 3D circuit carriers can be manufactured which combine electrical and mechanical functions.
That means space, volume and weight savings and facilitates wide-ranging technical and economic advantages for the components. LÜBERG is an experienced supplier of MID technology in all process steps.
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LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK works on a customer-oriented basis. According to your requirements, the technology company offers the following product catalogue:

  • Printed-circuit boards, from "epoxy to Teflon", from "PEN to PI (Capton)", all currently available thicknesses of material
  • 3d-MIDs, three-dimensional mechatronic components
  • Metallization of plastic parts, POP (plating-on-plastics)
  • Precision contour-etched parts made from copper

Products from LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK mainly find use in the field of industrial and medical electronics: the production of coils, antennas, HF technology for medical technology, flexible circuits for the automotive industry, lamps, lights, conveyors for the decorative sector in high-quality configurations. In the aviation industry, the products from LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK are used with galley lights or interior cabin lighting, for example. LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK also manufactures for the area of research, including a collaboration with a component on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, particle accelerator) at the European Nuclear Research Centre CERN near Geneva, and with development of electric mobility.

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