Through constant modernisations, LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK is able to keep up with the rapid pace of technical development. The production facilities of LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK are unique in Europe. As the “biggest supplier of printed circuit boards”, LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK manufactures large-format printed circuit boards (PCB) on specially-designed machines. For a higher functional density and miniaturisation of its components, LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK offers Flex-PCB and 3D-MID technology. We also find suitable solutions for your special sizes and configurations.

LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK manufactures printed circuit boards (PCB, Flex-PCB), special printed circuit boards, mechatronic components (3D-MIDs), metallised plastic parts and precision contour-etched parts on a production area of 6,000 square metres. Automated processes and production methods ensure consistently top quality, from the prototype to the series product. The new internal laboratory guarantees the latest standards in the fields of process optimisation and quality. Quick and reliable delivery times ensure cost-effective and on-schedule processing. We manufacture in small and medium series with a convincing price-performance ratio, including special formats and over-sizes.

Our production hall contains the following equipment:



Etching system

  • The system, with a length of around 20 m, etches printed circuit boards and contour-etched parts with a throughput width of up to 1,200 mm or a length of 2,500 mm.
  • The etching machine is fully process-controlled.
  • 400 µ Cu - thick-film copper circuit boards - can also be etched. The challenge for the production of such boards is in a uniform etching pattern and the application of full-opacity solder resist. LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK is also an experienced supplier for thick-film applications.

CNC drilling and milling tables (double spindle)

  • 2 fully-automatic machines for the exact micro-drilling and milling of a printed circuit board (PCB)
  • Automatic spindle changeover for simultaneously accurate, small-hole diameters as well as larger holes and milling on the same PCB.
  • Precision high-tech drilling machine from LENZ with a drilling table of approx. 1400 x 1400 mm.

Brushing machine

  • The brushing machine is mainly used for de-burring and cleaning drilled circuit boards. Thin inner layers are brushed in synchronous and counter-rotation with a high oscillation frequency. The distance of the brush to the plate is automatically adjustable.
  • ADVANTAGES: uniform copper removal, constant cutting speed and uniform grinding pattern

Direct exposure unit

With the help of a laser direct exposure unit, the blanks are exposed with the highest precision.

Portal milling machine

For the mechanical processing of oversized printed circuit boards with a length of 1.40 metres


We offer the electrical testing of the printed circuit board with the use of a flying-probe (finger tester). Further information about our comprehensive quality management is available here.